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Variant Coding of Device Software Functions

Configure device settings to customize your smart products by software variant coding.


Products & assets are more and more customized via software parameters: The amount and complexity of parameterizations significantly increases.

With the increased complexity of software functions, the ability to configure software variants becomes a critical capability: Managing software variants along Engineering, Production and Service assures a high product quality and opens opportunities to sell additional functions as “Software as a Product”.


Mass Customization of Products & Assets by Configuration of software variants.

P&PM´s Device Parameter Manager enables customers to configure software functions of different complexities, ranging from an I/O Link sensor to ODX based vehicle parameters. Via its cloud services, configured settings can be provisioned to multiple downstream events during Production and Service. 


Key Features

Parameter Definitions | Parameter Sets | Parameter Set Configuration | Feature Model Management | Baseline Management | Integrations to Variant & Change Management of PLM & ERPs | Integration to Variant Coding Events / Diagnostic Tools | Import from native Device Descriptions like OPC UA, ODX, IO-Link | Export of Data & Integration to Operations | Staging of Data via different Areas (as required, as configured)



Establish full visibility of your device parameter definitions.

Import your device parameter definitions (ODX, OPC UA, IO-Link and other) and gain transparency on the effective parameterization options per software release of a device via a central, cloud based library.



Configure valid settings and configure functions of your software variants in an easy way.

Bundle parameter into settings and cluster them in an effective way. Configure your settings by assigning allowed values to your parameter sets. Gain transparency on applied configurations.

Control the complexity of parameterizations and leverage the opportunities for mass customizations.



Assign valid parameter settings to your overall product variant management.

Define and publish valid settings and link them to your overall product variant handling. Steer & control the amount of variants that are implemented during production and service events.



Leverage capabilities of a cloud infrastructure to integrate with your operations.

Publish and use your parameter settings data in your existing PLM, ERP as well as End of Line Systems or IoT Hubs.



By P&PM 

Free Demo and Trial Access.

Request an Online Demonstration or a Trial Access to our sandbox to understand our application and its capabilities in more detail.

Check our flyer and our video for a brief overview of the solution.  

Proven Low Code Technology.

P&PM is a partner in the Mendix ISV program. Mendix, a Siemens Digital Industries Company, is a leading provider for Enterprise Low-Code Application Platforms. Our solution is powered by Mendix, which means that we leverage the Mendix infrastructure - including quality assurance measures and a community of cloud experts.

Software As A Service: Rapid installation - Ready to Use.

P&PM´s Device Parameter Manager is a ready to run application which is provided as a Software as a Service based on a subscription fee.

It is is based on a micro-service architecture with web-based user interfaces using REST APIs and XML data exchanges. Running on cloud native components, customers can leveraging full potentials for diverse integration scenarios. 


About P&PM:

Product Lifecycle & Program Manufactory

P&PM is a special expertise consultancy in the area of PLM - Product Lifecycle Management.

We focus on design and implementation of Cloud Native based solutions for PLM - especially to manage embedded software along the product lifecycle.

Embedded software more and more becomes a key enabler of your products´ performance. P&PM supports you in transitioning your operations to manage the growing complexity of embedded software in your products & assets along the value chain and product lifecycle.

Our office is based near Cologne, Germany. Located in a rural area but just 15 minutes away from the airport Cologne / Bonn at the “Schloss Eulenbroich”.



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